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Lynda Field

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365 Inspirations For a Great Life
by: Lynda Field
Daily strategies to create the reality you want, overcome obstacles and realize the powerful effects of your own thoughts.
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Be Yourself: How to Relax and Take Control of Your Life
by: Lynda Field
When life becomes a busy, relentless routine, we need to re-balance our &8220;doing&8221; and our &8220;being.&8221; This book shows how you can be successful yet still relax and enjoy the trip.
Total Casts: 0

Instant Life Coach
by: Lynda Field
Quick and effective tips to help busy people make the most of every day. Simple and direct advice that can be taken on board at a glance, but will bring about real change.
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Weekend Confidence Coach
by: Lynda Field
How to boost your self-belief, rise above your doubts and overcome negative behaviour patterns and destructive emotions. Set aside just 48 hours to put yourself first and make a new start.
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Weekend Life Coach
by: Lynda Field
A book to motivate and inspire even the most depressed and hopeless. How to take advantage of stress-free time to focus on your own needs and goals.
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