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Hi to all kindred spirits,
Getting inside my mind is a risk you have to take. I have one serious addiction that it should be considered a new addition to the original seven sins. I'm a book-addict and proud of it LOL I need a monthly fix of books and always on the prowl for new authors. My sister and I co-own a review and interview website: Realms On Our Bookshelves and this spiraled my addiction to new heights.

I'm from the Netherlands, Holland as some might even call it and Euro-trash is also in the realm of possibilities LOL. My given name is Leontine and I'm a woman of 32 years with 33 creeping up on me. I'm married and we have 4 dogs that demand their daily hugs and walks. They have just one small personality problem...they think they are just as human as us and we don't talk dog to correct them. So as long as they keep it civil we enjoy each other's company.


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